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The XLDB Research Team at LaSIGE is hosted by the Departament of Informatics, of the University of Lisbon, Faculty of Sciences.


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Research Lines

Research at XLDB addresses topics in geographic information retrieval, text mining and natural language processing, web archiving and search, information visualisation, and biomedical informatics, organized under two of LASIGE's research lines:

Biomedical Informatics 
investigates problems related to biological, medical, clinical and epidemiological data management. The current focus is on biomedical ontologies, genomic and proteomic data mining and natural language processing of the biomedical literature.

Active projects:

Automated Extension of BioOntologies
Data mining methods for ASessing Similarity of molecular structUres in MEtric spaces
Methods for Carbohydrate Enzyme Family Coherency Assessment
Developing the framework for an epidemic forecast infrastructure
Filtering Bioentity Recognition Errors
Integration and exploration of clinical and biological data concerning the disease hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM)
Collecting and presenting thermochemical properties
Semantic similarity across biomedical ontologies (VPH-NoE)
Information Management  
investigates data processing problems with a focus on systems for data analyses, information integration and user access to large quantities of complex data from heterogeneous platforms. Current research topics span geographic information retrieval, text mining and natural language processing, web archiving and search, and information visualization.

Active Projects:

Citation Impact Discerning Self-citations
Opinion text mining from social meshes. Developing of system for the detection of opinions, in quasi real-time, about relevant political actors.
IoT-aware business processes in Supply Chain Management.
Retrieval, Extraction and Aggregation Computing Technology for Integrating and Organizing News. Developing a computational journalism platform (mostly) for Portuguese.
Geographic information management, particularly focusing on problems related to geographic information retrieval and to the processing of geospatial information encoded in textual documents.
Visualization on Mobile Devices. Developing a framework for adaptive mobile visualization.
Video Information Retieval Using Subtitles. Development of a Video Information Retrieval system that will operate on video libraries composed of subtitled documents.

XLDB Team Members

XLDB Team: group photo on 2008-06-05
Mário J. Silva (head), Ana Paula Afonso, André Falcão, Francisco Couto (coordinator),
Post-doc Researchers 
Paula Carvalho
Doctoral Researchers 
Ana Teixeira, Catia M. Machado, Catia Pesquita, David Batista, Daniel Faria, Hugo Bastos, João D Ferreira, Miguel Costa, Nuno Cardoso, Paulo Pombinho, Tiago Grego
Pre-doctoral Researchers 
Silvio Moreira
Master Students 
Bruno Tavares, Inês Martins, Ivan Andrade, Juliana Duque, Manuela Cardoso, Patricia Cirne, Patricia Sousa, Pedro Silva, Sara Cardoso, Tiago Gonçalves, Tiago Sousa
Collaborators (invited) 
Daniel Gomes
Past Members 
Ana Vaz, André Santos, Andreas Wichert, António Ferreira, Bruno Martins, Catarina Rodrigues, Carlos Costa, Daniel Amoedo, Daniel Santos, David Cruz,Fabrício Silva,Henrique Moniz, Hugo Ferreira, João Zamite, Luís Filipe Lopes, João Campos, Joana Campos, José Andrade, Liliana Moreira, Luís Bernardo, Leonardo Andrade, Marcirio Chaves, Norman Noronha, Nuno Grilo, Nuno Maria, Nuno Seco, Pedro Gaspar, Pepa Jul, Paulo Batista, Paulo Carreira, Pooja Jain, Rui Querido, Sara Águas, Sérgio Freitas
Undergraduate Students
João Ramalho
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