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XLDB Team: group photo on 2014-04-03

XLDB is a research group within LaSIGE hosted by the Departament of Informatics, of the University of Lisbon, Faculty of Sciences.

The XLDB Research Team is involved in several Projects and Activities that address extreme Information and Knowledge Management problems resulting in Publications in high impact factor journals and very competitive conferences.

XLDB has focused its research goals into more specialized areas, namely in Biomedical Informatics where research is being conducted in biological, medical, clinical and epidemiological data management.

Research Areas : (ACM CCS 2012)

  • Information systems~World Wide Web;
  • Information systems~Information systems applications;
  • Information systems~Information retrieval;
  • Computing methodologies~Machine learning;
  • Computing methodologies~Modeling and simulation;
  • Applied computing~Life and medical sciences;

Faculty: Francisco Couto (head), André Falcão, Ana Paula Afonso, Catia Pesquita, Paulo Pombinho, João Ferreira

Founder: Mário J. Silva

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