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Name: Bruno Tavares
Projects: ISPD
Research interests: Bioinformatics.


Document | BibTeX source
Bruno Tavares, Hugo Bastos, Daniel Faria, Joao D. Ferreira, Tiago Grego, Catia Pesquita, Francisco Couto, The Biomedical Ontology Applications (BOA) framework.Proceedings of ICBO 2011.

Document | BibTeX source
Hugo Bastos, Bruno Tavares, Catia Pesquita, Daniel Faria, Francisco Couto: Application of Gene Ontology to Gene Identification. In Silico Tools for Gene Discovery: Methods in Molecular Biology. Springer, 2011.

Document | BibTeX source
Luis Filipe Lopes, João Zamite, Bruno Tavares, Francisco Couto, Fabrício A.B. Silva, Mário J. Silva, Automated Social Network Epidemic Data Collector.INForum - Simpósio de Informática September, 2009.

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